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DOOH Retail: Geolytix and in-Store Media partnership

Since January 2023, in-Store Media has trusted Geolytix to qualify the catchment areas of shopping malls and hypermarkets that it equips with DOOH (digital display) in order to improve the targeting and performance of its campaigns.

17th February 2024

in-Store Media, leader in DOOH Retail with more than 3,300 screens available in more than 600 points of sale (hypermarkets and shopping malls) of which E.Leclerc, a historic and most important partner, is joining forces with Geolytix. Thanks to the know-how of the geomarketing specialist, the Retail Media expert increases his audience qualification capacity.

With a weekly audience of 19 million shoppers across France in 2023, this partnership aims to give more granularity to audience targeting when implementing DOOH campaigns in Shopping Centres with brands and customers Media agencies.

Geolytix, created in 2011 in London and present in France since 2022, supports retailers and restaurant brands in understanding their local performance and their potential across all sales channels.

This new partnership strengthens the data-centric approach of in-Store Media's DOOH Retail offering with brands and media agencies, which will be even more important in the near future without cookies. Enabling the ability to correctly target shoppers, in an affinity context such as than that of the act of purchase.

Nicolas Benoit, CEO France in-Store Media says: “We are delighted with this partnership with Geolytix. Their expertise will play a crucial role in the implementation of our omnichannel strategy aimed at consolidating our position as a Retail Media expert on the market while improving the customer experience.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with In-Store Media by putting our Retail expertise at the service of an effective media like DOOH.” says Stéphane MARTIS, Director France & Western Europe GEOLYTIX. “We have enabled in-Store Media France to maximize the match between advertisers and audiences using our Data and via modeling of the catchment areas of Malls. Numerous socio-demographic indicators on the estimated clientele of Malls have been aggregated in order to target and personalize the locations of campaign activation via objective and up-to-date data on all contact points.”


in-Store Media is a Retail Media expert, whose mission is to transform the Retail universe into strategic and impactful media for brands. in-Store Media draws on 25 years of expertise to design, deploy and market various omnichannel media solutions in 6,000 points of sale with 70 partner brands in Europe, Asia and America. In France, in-Store Media markets 3,300 screens in 670 shopping centres and hypermarkets, notably E.Leclerc and Géant Casino, to reach 18.8 million shoppers per week.


in-store Media France Press Contact: Agence OXYGEN, Capucine Wacogne, 06 59 67 65 92,


Geolytix are experts in data and geographic modelling who support retailers in understanding the performance of their networks and understand consumers through data, models and tools. Since its creation in 2011, Geolytix has helped clients with their network strategies, from local understanding to the implementation of the ideal network. The solutions and data are used on a daily basis in more than 100 countries. In 2023 Geolytix was recognized in the Top100 Global Geospatial companies, this lists major players in the sector published by a committee of experts from Geoawesomeness.


Geolytix Contact: Stéphane MARTIS, 06 27 71 74 13,

Photo by Neel Tailor on Unsplash

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